The Pynchon List Server

The Pynchon List Server, pynchon-l, is an e-mail based list server provided by those nice foax at In order to be able to use the server you first have to subscribe to the list. To communicate with the list server in order to subscribe or unsubscribe you send e-mail requests to

Once you have subscribed you can post to the group by e-mailing to (that's pynchon dash ell, not dash one). Any notes posted to the group by yourself or by other subscribers will be forwarded on to you and to other list members as e-mail.

The are two types of lists, OPEN and CLOSED, the distinction being whether people are free to join themselves into the list (open) or whether the owner controls who should be a member (closed).

pynchon-l is at present an open list and will remain that way until the owners are provided with a good reason to screen members.

People subscribe to open lists directly (and "unsubscribe" from them) by sending e-mail messages. e.g: To join pynchon-l, a person would send mail like this:

To: Subject: subscribe pynchon-l end

That is you send your mail to You needn't specify a subject.

And the entire contents of the message, on the first line and second lines of the message are:

subscribe pynchon-l end

The end is in case you have a signature. end lets majordomo know that it is not to try to process the signature.

Unless you want to subscribe an address other than the one you are sending from, in which case the entire contents of the message, on the first and second lines of the message are:

subscribe pynchon-l end

unsubscribe follows the same procedure except that you cannot unsubscribe from a different address than that from which you are mailing.

In summary, the commands that you might need to know concerning pynchon-l are:

Archives are available at the Pomona Pynchon Page or at Andrew Dinn's WWW Pynchon List Archive

The list server does NOT have the ability to set an AUTOMATIC GROUP REPLY so you must take care to reply to the GROUP yourself if that is what you wish to do rather than replying to the INDIVIDUAL sending the message.

REMEMBER that messages sent to the list are to be sent to

The pynchon list server is managed by

Oliver Xymoron (
Murthy Yenamandra (

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